Harriet Smith - Facilitator - Power Living Australia Yoga


harriet smith power living australia yoga
harriet smith power living australia yoga

Name: Harriet Smith
Role: Facilitator

Originally from Wales, Harriet Smith’s yoga journey had a particularly glamorous start. Aged 21, she first stepped onto a yoga mat at a leisure centre prenatal class. Harriet was not pregnant –this was just the only yoga class available!

After moving to Australia in 2014, Harriet began her love affair with Power Living, first as a practitioner and later as an educator and facilitator. She completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in an Ashram in Rishikesh, India and believes she has never felt such peace and been so sure she was on the right path then at this time. Since completing her 200hr training, Harriet has undertaken further training with Power Living and hopes to do even more this year! She is passionate to never stop learning and from her classes you can expect to move, connect, sweat and laugh (with or at her).


Getting to know the crew:

What are you passionate about?

Connection. Be it through conversation, yoga or laughter, I love the feeling of connecting fully & authentically with those around me.

What is your favourite yoga pose?

Am I allowed two? 1. Wild Thing. This pose makes me feel so free & open, physically and mentally. It’s strong but soft.

2. Half Pigeon, surrendering to the mat and allowing the first half of the class wash over me.

What is the last experience that made you a stronger person?

We trekked to Base Camp last year. The insane scenery teamed with the kindness of the Nepalese locals and the challenge of the climb, made for a really humbling experience.