georgina beasley power living australia yoga new zealand wellington
georgina beasley power living australia yoga new zealand wellington

Name: Georgina Beasley
Role: Facilitator

Georgina was introduced to yoga to compliment her ballet, however it soon became clear that yoga was the main event… when the ballet stopped, the yoga must go on!

When Georgina became a lawyer at a large commercial firm, yoga shifted from being a purely physical venture to something that gave her the space she felt unable to tap into otherwise. It enabled her to breathe and to be, both things that were missing from life off the mat.

When Georgina moved from her firm there was a ‘clicking moment’, and yoga shifted from being a coping mechanism to something that allowed for self-growth, empowerment, and genuine fun.

Georgina now works in climate change strategy, something that goes hand in hand with her yoga – both allow her to connect to herself, to the people of Aotearoa and beyond, and to that something greater.


Getting to know the crew:

What sound do you love?

As cliché as it sounds, I love the sounds of the sea. One of my mottos this year has been to ride the wave until it crashes. These sounds remind me of this.

Do you have a hidden talent we would like to know about?

I love to write poetry and prose. I love how words can be used to capture something that is otherwise intangible, and how a series of otherwise ordinary words can be combined to create something extraordinary. 

What would be your today’s soundtrack for life? 

I don’t know about a soundtrack but today’s song would start off being Loud Places by Jamie xx, and move into How Bizarre by OMC (yes New Zealand!) later in the day!