Name: Whitney Sloan
Role: VIC Programs Manager & Facilitator

Whitney joined the Power Living team in August 2013. With a professional background in psychology and management consulting, Whitney was originally drawn to yoga as a way to improve physical fitness and manage the stress associated with a corporate job. However, she soon discovered that yoga was so much more than just a great workout! She was amazed at the benefits she felt both physically and mentally.

After doing her 200 hour teacher training in 2009, Whitney quickly realised that she wanted to make yoga teaching her life.

“Teaching yoga challenges me and inspires me every single day. I am constantly reminded to let things get messy, be ok with not knowing and to let go! I am inspired by the passion and authenticity of our amazing team and community.”


Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite asana posture? Why? 
Garudasana (eagle pose). I love how it brings me clarity and perspective….and stretches my poor, tight outer hips!

What is your favourite colour?
Sunny yellow.

Yoga has made me…
Softer on the inside (but stronger on the outside!).