Tessa Leon Power Living Australia Yoga Adelaide

Name: Tessa Leon
Facilitator, Training & Development Manager, and Co-Owner, Adelaide

Community, education and creativity are the passions that orbit Tessa’s yoga practice. Yoga began for her as an undercurrent of self-study nearly 10 years ago, then after meeting the Power Living crew, yoga took centre stage in her life as a way to affect positive change. As a co-owner and leader of the vibrant Adelaide studio, her commitment is to shine brighter light onto everyday life through conscious awareness.

Before yoga took centre stage, Tessa spent 15 years as an award-winning writer and performing artist, travelling to festivals around Australia and the world. Her artistry is still expressed now through the poetry of teaching and sharing learnt experience.

Over the past decade she’s completed 200hrs training in Hatha yoga, 200hrs in Vinyasa, as well as advanced certifications in yin, yoga philosophy, assisting, and meditation. She’s currently diving into an 800hr training in yoga literature and history, which continues to fuel her lifelong love of language.

For Tessa, yoga is the connection to modern life through ancient wisdom and open-hearted community. Alongside her partner Triton and the rest of the team, she is thrilled to offer, and engage in, this transformational practice with Adelaide.

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What’s the best part of being in the PLAY community?
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