Tessa Leon Power Living Australia Yoga Adelaide

Name: Tessa Leon
Role: Facilitator & Co-Owner Power Living Yoga Adelaide, South Australia 

An award-winning performer, writer and producer, Tessa has presented work at events around Australia and the world, culminating as Associate Producer for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. She has a degree in International Relations and a passion for language and communication, which led her to teach English to new migrants, and more recently in supporting refugee communities in Adelaide.

For Tessa, yoga began as an undercurrent of self-study nearly 10 years ago. On the mat she discovered how to soften the need to be ‘good enough’ and how to find courage to live big. After meeting the Power Living crew, yoga took centre stage in her life as a way to affect positive change.

She began teaching in 2012 with her first training in Hatha yoga, then more recently trained in Vinyasa with Power Living. She has also studied Yin yoga and philosophy, and is currently working towards her 500hr qualification. She’s deeply grateful to all her teachers including Jo Phee, Peter Clifford, Cassie Lee, Zoe Trenwith, Keenan Crisp, Adam Whiting, Elise McSweeney and Duncan Peak.

Tessa’s passion is to connect ancient teachings into our modern lives through the power of educated practice, creativity, and an open heart. Alongside her partner Triton and the rest of the team, she is thrilled to bring Power Living’s transformational practice to the Adelaide yoga scene.

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