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Teresa Ho Power Living Australia Yoga Adelaide

Name: Teresa Ho
Role: Facilitator

Teresa first discovered yoga on whilst living in London 6 years ago. While it was the physical aspects of asana practice that initially appealed to her, she quickly realised that it was the healing properties of yoga that kept her coming back.

Yoga has shown Teresa what it means to go beyond the boundaries that people place upon themselves, and how to live a more open and honest life.

Her passion for the practice continued to grow, realising each time she was on the mat that she was able to connect with her body and ultimately find freedom. The transformational qualities it had on her life inspired her to complete the 200-hour teacher training with Power Living in 2015. She is currently working towards a 500-hour qualification.

Teresa teaches from a playful heart and hopes to provide a nurturing space where her students cantake the courage they find on their mats out into their daily lives.


Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why?

Balasana (Child’s pose) – Each time I come back to this posture, it feels like coming home. 

What is your favourite colour?


What sound do you love?

The ocean. There is something magical about big bodies of water.