ruby dwyer power living australia yoga fitzroy
ruby dwyer power living australia yoga fitzroy

Name: Ruby Dwyer
Role: Fitzroy Studio Manager & Facilitator

Yoga has found Ruby at different stages throughout her life, like an old friend returning again and again to provide comfort and help her to uncover this magical life. As a child, Ruby remembers flicking through her parents yoga books and being fascinated with the shapes and angles of the bodies. Then, as a young teenager Ruby’s Mum dragged her to her first yoga class at the local school hall, which she secretly loved but resisted with great force! Yoga returned to Ruby during her dance studies at university, when she finally accepted it into her life with open arms.

Having spent her whole life exploring the physical body through different mediums such as dance and acrobatics, Ruby’s knowledge of the body is rich. Her classes focus on the internal experience – exploring the landscape of our being.  She is passionate about the healing nature of yoga and returns again and again to the saying: “In order to heal, first we must feel.”

Ruby completed her Teacher Training with Power Living in 2014 and is passionate about intelligent alignment and uncovering our true nature: the unity between body, mind and soul. Since 2014, Ruby has continued her studies with Power Living and has learnt from Rod Stryker, Ana Forrest and Sarah Powers. She teaches from a joyful heart, combining her creative energy and playful nature.

Getting to know the crew:

Do you have a hidden talent we would like to know about? 
I am GREAT at going from handstand into the worm, it’s my party trick.