Poune Parsanejad

Name: Poune Parsanejad
Role: Facilitator

Poune Parsanejad aka “P”, started her fitness career as a group trainer almost 14 years ago. Also an architect, she has lead a double life of switching roles between her two passions since that time. At the peak of her fitness career, Poune was the lead female trainer of the popular Channel 9 series Celebrity Overhaul in 2005.

12 years ago, her pal convinced her to try a yoga class in a newly converted business called Power Living in Neutral Bay. Poune walked in and seemed to just stay! She initially fell in love with the fact that she could do yoga and still get the intensity of other training systems, but over time through doing the Modern Yogi Challenges and continued practice started to understand what it was all about!

“Eight years ago I enrolled to do my teacher training with Power Living, then found out I was pregnant with my first baby, so I withdrew and… well… continued having more babies. Finally in 2013 I re-enrolled and completed the P.L.A.Y. program. I really did this to re-immerse myself back into yoga, but having finished the program knew that I just wanted to teach and share my love with others.”

Since completing her training Poune has taught throughout northern Sydney in various Gyms and started her own community Yoga group in Wahroonga, but is humbled and joyous at having worked her way into the P.L.A.Y. team after all these years.


Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why? 
Koundiasana,  it was the discipline of continously working on this posture without landing it…and then one day everything fell into place and I got it!  I guess I just let go that day and now each time I do it..it reminds me that Asana is more than just strength.

Share with us a life turning point and the favourite lesson learnt? 
The loss of my mother, 1 month before I became a mother my self…..the cycle of life couldn’t be clearer, also I learnt how a person can be so totally devastated and so totally joyous all at once.

What is your favourite colour? 

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