Morgan Langford Power Living Australia Yoga

Name: Morgan Langford
Role: Facilitator

Morgan Langford works as an osteopath on the north shore and in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. She has a masters degree in osteopathic medicine and a graduate certificate in paediatric manual therapy. With the high physical demands of working on people Morgan found it was taking a toll on her own body. She felt she had to start doing more work on, and for herself and this was how she found yoga.

When Power Living’s Bondi Junction studio opened in 2011 Morgan completed her first 40-Day challenge which cemented her love and passion for yoga. She found it was a great way to challenge her body physically, it helped to reduce anxiety levels in times of stress, and shift unwanted energy.

Since then Morgan has gone on to complete teacher training with Power Living, studied Agama tantric hatha yoga in Thailand and completed Birthlight’s perinatal yoga diploma.

She has experienced first hand the healing benefits of yoga and she now prescribes yoga therapy as part of her management plan for her patients in practice.

Morgan’s yoga classes are an infusion of specified anatomy, energetic physiology, and yogic philosophy.

“Every trauma, ailment or event that we experience as humans has a physical, emotional and mental impact on our being. Building awareness and connection around these components through yoga asana and contemplation makes for a more whole-istic shift.”


Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite yoga asana and why?
Anything with a toe bind, probably utthita hasta padogustasana. I love this pose because it reminds me that I have toes! I live up in my head a lot of the time and I find connecting with my toes brings me back down to earth, my foundation. I feel it also requires equal amounts of balance, concentration, strength and flexibility and reminds me of how far I’ve come on this yoga journey as I used to have really tight hamstrings and struggled to touch my toes when I first started my yoga practice.

What is your favourite colour? 

Share with us a life turning point and the favourite lesson learnt?
I had a relationship breakdown, family illness, change in job and home all in a short space of time that made me feel like the ground was being ripped up from underneath me. I was on the verge of a breakdown so I decided on a whim to travel to Koh Phangan, Thailand (I’d been years before for the full moon party. The party was pretty seedy but the island had an amazing energy about it and I felt strongly I had to go back again one day), I found a yoga school there and dedicated 6 hours a day to studying traditional yoga (asana, meditation, philosophy and kriya). In this time I had the most powerful transformation of my life! I started to connect with who I truly am (beyond my identity). I experienced a huge expansion in consciousness, and a great sense of devotion and healing.

I learnt that beyond the breakdown, there is a breakthrough. If I hadn’t had this experience of loss and upheaval I never would have taken the leap of faith towards new.