Kim Sexty Power Living Australia Yoga

Name: Kim Sexty
Role: Facilitator

Like most people, Kim Sexty went to yoga to ‘stretch’. That was about 10 years ago. Her practice was sporadic for the most part of the decade until she found a kundalini teacher who awakened something much deeper. That experience was at a time when Kim’s job as a journalist was demanding way too much, on a physical, mental and emotional level. She remembers floating away, high as a kite, from one of her private lessons, thinking why can’t I have this feeling all the time? I realised I can, if I allowed myself to.

A few weeks later Kim quit her job, and took off overseas. She lost myself completely over there, in a bad way. She had reached a point of desperation where she had to ask myself when the last time that she was really happy. The answer, when she was practicing yoga and surfing every day.

So she searched for that. Kim ended up in India, where she dedicated her entire 6 months to studying yoga and herself. she was meant to stay on a scholarship for another year, but had a calling to come home. Kim struggled a lot when she first came back, trying to integrate the traditional philosophy and way of living in ‘yoga’ with the modern life she was born into. It was no coincidence that she eventually found Power Living, and it’s modern yoga philosophy.


Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why?
Any arm balance – because I can’t do most of them! But they challenge me to find that strength within and rise with it.
And then when you do find that power, man oh man is it liberating! I feel like I can move mountains after holding bakasana for over 30 seconds.

Share with us a life turning point and the favourite lesson learnt?
Standing at the top of an 18 metre bridge, about to jump into a freezing lake in Switzerland.
 My gut told me no. 
My mind told me yes.
 I ignored my intuitive gut. 
I listened to my mind. 
I jumped. 
I broke my back. 
Lesson learnt? Don’t ignore gut feelings!

What is your least favourite word?
. “I should do this, you should do that”. Just do it!