jase te patu power living australia yoga new zealand wellington
jase te patu power living australia yoga new zealand wellington

Name: Jase Te Patu
Role: New Zealand Training & Development Manager, Master Performance Coach, Lead Facilitator & Co-owner

Jase is Power Living’s Kiwi Warrior.

His journey to Yoga came from an injury whilst dancing in South Africa. A lifetime of performing in shows around the world, most recently Disney’s The Lion King, has led to a huge transformation through the discovery of Yoga.

Jase comes to the PLAY family with over 20 years of teaching experience having travelled the globe as a trainer and choreographer for the dance based programme BODYJAM for Les Mills International. As a professional performer he has choreographed/danced and sung with many of New Zealand’s top entertainers. His skills also reach into the medium of Television and Radio where he has won various awards for shows he has presented and/or worked on.

A 12 year practice of asana and meditation led Jase to his Teacher Training with Power Living in 2012. Since then his life has been transformed in such a huge way! Workshops with Les Levanthal, Kathryn Budig, Ana Forest, Eion Finn, Mark Breadner, Tiffany Cruickshank and Bikram Choudry has deepened his awareness and connection to all things LOVE!

Jase is highly passionate about his never ending journey of self-discovery, both on and off the mat. He is equally stoked to be able to share all the gems he has learnt throughout his Yoga travels!


Getting to know the crew:

What are you passionate about?
That’s easy….. The 3 ‘Fs’ – family, friends and food. My idea of a perfect night is around a dinner table with my favourite people on earth! Add music and dance into the mix… and I’m in HEAVEN!

What is the last experience that made you a stronger person?
Wanderlust New Zealand 2015. It’s a huge privilege to be asked to teach there in amongst some amazing, world class teachers. What I realised is that when you speak and share from your heart, ‘fear’ cannot exist. The festival reaffirmed for me that ‘With love, everything and anything is possible!’.

The best part of waking up is?
Greeting this gorgeous life I’ve created. A life of happiness, love and abundance. You just need to get out of the way of yourself. This beautiful journey of YOGA has helped me clear the path so that everyday I can live a life of pure magic!