helen fraser power living australia yoga
helen fraser power living australia yoga

Name: Helen Fraser
Role: Senior Operations Manager

Helen Fraser has been part of the PLAY family since the start of 2016, in Executive Operations. Not only does she love the world of operations and efficiencies, she is a passionate yogi with a background in business operations, personal training and interior architecture.

Helen qualified as a personal trainer a few years ago while managing the business operations of a software development company, where she worked for 6 years. After the birth of her little girl in Feb 2015, she started her own Mums and Bubs fitness business to help other wonderful mums get back into shape, to feel good about themselves and to have a little time for themselves again. She brings a diverse set of skills and experiences to our team after travelling down her interesting career path! 

Helen is absolutely stoked to be part of the P.L.A.Y family.  She feels very grounded and lucky to be working for such an inspiring company.


Getting to know the crew:

In one word how would your best friend describe you?

What sound do you love?
The ocean.

Yoga has made me…
Grounded, calmer and stronger – physically and mentally.