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eric salazar power living australia yoga
Eric Salazar Power Living Australia Yoga

Name: Eric Salazar
Role: Performance Coach & Senior Facilitator

Eric Salazar’s past work in the financial industry led him to finally try out  hot yoga as a means to de-stress from his demanding career. His curiosity, passion and dedication to the practice for years drew him in to partake a teacher training course – solidifying his intention to share yoga and the benefits it brings to practitioners on a full time basis. He travelled to Rishikesh, India to pursue his teacher training and give him an authentic yogic experience.

He is grateful to yoga and to the teachers he had the privilege to meet and learn from. He continues to explore and grow not only as teacher but as a life long student.

Eric incorporates his skills as a reiki and massage practitioner in his body work adjustments and teaching methods. He facilitates strong, experimental and fluid vinyasa classes that are playful and creative as well as hatha-inspired classes that focus on alignment, based on the body’s natural intelligence. He also enjoys guiding yin classes for subtle and quiet introspection of practitioners.


Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite asana posture? Why? 
Yoga Nidrasana. It’s a perfect harmony of strength, flexibility and grace. 

I’m grateful for… 
The joys of having to find what I love doing – sharing it and not being afraid to go for it. 

Yoga has made me… 
Comfortable with my own skin – with muscles or no muscles. And just be.