emily luke power living australia yoga
emily luke power living australia yoga

Name: Emily Luke
Role: Facilitator

Emily Luke’s yoga journey began while she was at university studying social work. She was spending tireless hours pounding the pavement and pushing past the point of exhaustion in the gym to manage stress and inner turmoil which was leading to injury, fatigue and feeling burnt out. After her first yoga class, Em felt uplifted and inspired. She had never experienced an activity that was challenging and strengthening but simultaneously nurturing. She loves that yoga encourages us to respect our limitations rather than resent them.

Em maintained her practice during her social work years. Her commitment to the practice grew and changed. It was no longer rooted in the the physical benefits of the practice, but the philosophical teachings, guided by the spiritual and mental evolution that was taking place. Em found a place on the mat where she could still her busy, messy mind and start to make peace with her troubling relationship with her body image, food and self worth.

She completed her teacher training in 2014, wanting to reach out and share the joy and healing of yoga with others. Em believes that yoga is not about the shapes we make on the mat, the yoga happens when we invite it into our lives and commit to living by its values and lessons.

Yoga has helped Em to discover her authentic self, begin to let go of self judgments, expectations and comparisons that plagued her for a long time. For Emily yoga is a path to healing and self acceptance. She wholeheartedly believes in the transformational power of yoga, and brings that passion and energy into her classes.

Emily trained at Byron Yoga Centre, she has since completed Advanced Assisting and Advanced Vinyasa teacher trainings with Power Living, as well as completing Yoga Therapeutics training with Amy Ippoliti, Pre and Post Natal Yoga and Yoga for Kids.


Getting to know the crew:

What sound do you love? 
A room full of people, mostly strangers, connected by synchronised breath and movement.

I’m grateful for… 
My family and my friends who support me and love me unconditionally.

What can we expect from your classes? 
Students can expect challenge and creativity but also to feel supported and nurtured and be encouraged to be kind to themselves.