Elenni Balis: Studio Facilitator | Power Living Melbourne


Elenni Balis Power Living Australia Yoga

Name: Elenni Balis

Role: Facilitator

Elenni wishes she could say she was hooked on yoga from her very first class, but it took many years of varying levels of commitment and different teaching styles before rolling out her mat felt like coming home.

In 2011, she started taking classes by the amazing Chris Wilson and while the physical challenge of vinyasa classes pushed her body, it was the philosophical side and how the practice challenged what she knew to be true that really kept her going back. When Power Living opened up in Fitzroy, Elenni was there from the first packed-out class and hasn’t looked back since! Completing her 200 hour teacher training in 2015 under Cassie Lee, Chris and the rest of the incredible crew has transformed her life both on and off the mat. Excited by how much more there is to learn, Elenni loves how the ancient yogic texts can fit so well into modern life and how moving her body and her breath can tap into some really interesting sticky spots of the mind. Blessed to have been taught by Power Living’s resident legends as well as visiting yogis such as Ana Forest, Meghan Currie and Carlos Pomeda, Elenni is passionate about making yoga accessible to as many people as she can. Her classes are dynamic, offer challenges, but are also supportive and nurturing. Embracing yoga for the sheer joy of it, classes aren’t too serious and there are always a few laughs thrown in for good measure too.


Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why?

Ardha Chandrasana – because standing on one leg and opening your heart gives an incredible sense of expansion and possibility. (Flashdance is a close second, cos, you know, it kinda makes me feel like a rockstar…)

In one word how would your best friend describe you?


What’s the best part of being in the PLAY community?

The support, love and boundless sense of fun! We don’t need to take things seriously all the time to be serious yogis…