fiona scicluna power living australia yoga
Fiona Scicluna Power Living Australia Yoga

Name: Fiona Scicluna
Role: Studio Manager & Facilitator

Fiona has always been passionate about the way the body moves and connects, and as a professional dancer it was the physical element of the practice that originally drew her to yoga. Right at the peak of career, her practice became a sanctuary for healing, self-inquiry and transformation. It was her sanctuary in the midst of chaos.

After traveling the globe Fiona returned to Australia in 2009. She managed her own business called Livelyhood for 6 years, and became involved with Red Dust Role Models – a health promotion organisation that delivers health living programs to some of Australia’s most remote communities.

Fiona began her teacher training with Power Living in 2014 (Duncan Peak and Keenan Crisp) , She has since continued to train  with Power Living in Advanced Assisting (Adam Whiting), Sarah Powers in Yin/Yang Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation, Maty Ezraty and is currently studying with Yogarupa Rod Styker.

Infused with traditional wisdom and teachings, movement, breath and stillness- Fiona’s classes invite you to create a space to listen, to breathe, to connect and ultimately become masters of our own destiny.


Getting to know the crew: 

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why?
Natarajasana (Dancers Pose). I used to really struggle with this pose, as a dancer I thought that if any pose, this is the one I should be able to ‘try’ and make ‘look good’. Until I learnt (and still learning) to let go of control, did it actually feel good and did I start to finally open my heart.

Share with us a life turning point and the favourite lesson learnt?
My Nannu (Maltese for Grandfather), once said to be ‘Don’t to be too Proud’. It was in relation to my current job at that time, and it simply wasn’t working. I kept pushing and trying to make it work and he said to me that there is nothing wrong when something doesn’t work. Don’t hold onto it because of pride, sometimes you just have to let things go. 

What sound do you love?
Water: the rain, the ocean, crashing waves….especially on rainy day sleep-ins or Nanna Naps.