Amy Coghlan


Name: Amy Coghlan
Role: Senior Facilitator

Amy began yoga at 18 years old and completed her first teacher training in 2010. Teaching full time since 2011, the years pass and she only becomes more excited by smart movement and the exploration of life’s wonderment. Strong influences from Hatha and Anusara Yoga as her background, Amy also has 10 years of classical ballet behind her. But movement other than yoga excites her too, throughout her nearly nine years of teaching, she has also been a successful PT, certified weightlifting coach and worked with a number of athletes in mobility training, which she studied under Kelly Starrett, writer of the ‘Supple Leopard’, in Miami Florida. Amy’s classes have a strong alignment focus with the purpose of wanting to empower each student back into their bodies and their potential. She is super passionate about honoring the lineages before her whilst dissolving the dogma or authoritarian ways of “what is right”, and finding a practice of yoga that is functional for today’s modern individual body. If her classes speak to your heart or her words nurture your spirit, well you have her kind, poetic remarkable friend and teacher of ten years to thank for that, Lisa Matthews.


Getting to know the crew: 

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why?
TRIKONASANA! The first time I saw my teacher demonstrate Trikonasana I was in awe, the first time I did Trikonasana, I felt bliss, love and happiness all at once. The alignment in Triangle is the alignment in EVERY asana, it’s looks and feels totally kickass.

What sound do you love?
You know the sound people make by sucking air through their lips and flicking their cheek and it sounds like a tap dripping? My boyfriend is a master at it, the first six months of our relationship was spent with me learning how to do it. The day I did it I nearly cried, it’s a pretty cool sound.

When you are not extending, bending and sweating what do you like to do?

Staring into the world’s most perfect baby blue eyes, kissing the most kissable cheeks or listening to the best sound in the world, the laugh of my sweet son Charlie. And of course quality time with, my other love, my sweetheart Josh.