Blanche - Power Living Fitzroy
Blanche - Power Living Fitzroy

Name: Blanche Alexander
Role: Facilitator

Blanche Alexander joined the team in 2014, shortly after completing her Masters of Architecture in Perth. She competed and taught ballroom dancing among other creative ventures including photography, drawing and jewellery design. She was drawn to yoga after a few years of not competing to get her body moving again, as well as releasing a little stress and anxiety. Over time, a daily practice developed and the studio quickly became her second home. Blanche continued her yoga journey completing various trainings with Power Living, Sarah Powers (Insight Yoga) and Laughing Lotus NY.

Blanche enjoys teaching both vinyasa and yin yoga for there complementing energies. She encourages curiosity of alignment, intentional movement and connection to the students’ own feeling and expression. Her classes are focused and steady, the strength and rhythmic movement are balanced by cultivating ease and inner stillness.


Getting to know the crew: 

In one word how would you best friend describe you?

After a little brainstorm she couldn’t decide between curious and creative.

What sound do you love?
In a rainforest when the quiet is filled with the calls of animals, breeze or rain on the leaves and falling asleep to waves of the ocean.

What turns you on? 

Here we go… coffee, corn chips, peanut butter choc chip cookies, dancing, ceramics, illustration, sand between my toes, cooking, tattoos, music, driving and singing, riding my bike, the first dive into a wave at the beach, walking in wilderness, chilling, painting, going home and feasting with my family in Perth, hugs that go on forever, gin, chocolate coated almonds, sunflowers and the dream that one day I will own a dog of every size, shape and colour!