Bhavna Pateldyer
Bhavna Patel-Dyer Power Living Australia Yoga

Name: Bhavna Patel-Dyer
Role: North Perth Studio Manager & Facilitator

Bhavna Patel-Dyer was exposed to elements of yoga from a young age. She trained as a Classical Bharata Natyam dancer and through the expressive qualities of the dance, became aware of movement, postures and specific Mudhras which were used to give an expressive quality to performances. Being from an Indian/Hindu background, Bhav was exposed to many of the Hindu traditions but as a young child, born and growing up in a Western country with Western traditions, she was not always fully appreciative of the traditions or customs of her heritage until much later on. Back then, she never imagined that her path would one day lead her to have the passion to explore both Hinduism and its main emphasis, yoga, on a deeper level.

Bhav took a real interest in her late teens whilst watching her mother practise her daily yoga routine.  It was only a 10-15 min gentle stretch but she looked so graceful and at peace and always seemed capable of being able to deal with difficult situations by simply learning how to breath (she used to tell me to ‘just breath’ when learning how to drive). Bhav was inspired to learn more. She started her yoga journey in 1998 and just became more and more absorbed, learning so much with every moment every class brought something new.

Bhav trained in the Bikram style in 2013 and most recently completed the Power Living 200hr teacher training.  She loves being surrounded by the P.L.A.Y. community, especially after class, when there is such warmth, energy and positivity. The best thing is seeing students on their yoga ‘high’ after class.


Getting to know the crew:

Share with us a life turning point…
A life turning point for me was my move to Australia in 2012. I had come to a stage in my life where I was feeling stuck and stagnant. I met my now gorgeous husband and next thing we were packing up our lives in the UK and moving to ‘a place Down Under’. I made a promise to myself from the start to go with an open-mind, although it is a place far from home, family, friends, familiarity, to go with an open-heart and no expectations. I believe this has got me to where I am today. It has been such a smooth ride since we arrived, everything seems to have just fallen into place and this also lead me to becoming an instructor of the thing I love the most.  t has also taught me that time goes by so quickly that you really have to seize every moment because you never know what’s around the corner, what could happen or where it could lead.

What is your favourite sound? 
Most of the time I love the sound of silence but, at times, I dislike the sound of silence.

When you are not extending, bending and sweating what do you like to do?
When I am not extending, bending and sweating, I love to cook, collecting and experimenting with new flavours and dishes, cycling and tending to my veggie patch.