Ben Dixon Power Living Australia Yoga
Ben Dixon

Name: Ben Dixon
Role:  Facilitator

Born and raised in Canterbury, Ben Dixon grew up in a sporting family, embracing any physical pursuit that involved a ball and a competition! Being naturally gifted at cricket and golf, Ben spent years competing in both disciplines to a high level. His love for sport spread to indoor netball where he suffered a full knee rupture and was left questioning life without the physical aspect he identified with.

Ben somewhat fell into yoga with influence from his wife and an attractive sounding retreat in Bali! The retreat opened Ben’s eyes to how the physical body training is a path to the mind training and inward focus that is the real game-changer. Not long after, Ben embarked on Power Living’s 200hr teacher training, and hasn’t looked back to what seems like a worlds away past, due to a new found awareness and clarity, thanks to Yoga.


Getting to know the crew:

How would your best friend describe you?
Loyal, generous, fearless, fun and loving.