Name: Alison Auland
Role: Facilitator

Alison Auland  has practiced yoga since 2005. She was introduced by a friend and instantly connected with not only the physical benefits of strength, flexibility and balance but also the calm and clarity this practice created. Alison has always had a passion for movement – experiencing dance training in her childhood until twenties. She previously had a career working in Media and Advertising for over 10 years, more recently is a mum of two active boys Oscar and Leo.

Alison completed her 200hr teacher training at Power Living in 2013 with Duncan Peak. She has completed an additional 150 hours in 2014 at In Yoga, Surry Hills with Nicole Walsh and has just completed Yin Yoga Training with Jo Phee. Alison continues to be inspired by her love of learning how we can bring Yoga into our everyday lives.

Alison’s classes are light-hearted with space for students to explore and find awareness in their body. Her teaching is grounded with functional alignment, movement and following the wave of breath to let go of the mental clutter, finding space, freedom and creativity.

“Yoga has given me the greatest gift – grounding and acceptance in constant change. It creates time, space and flexibility in a world that is always moving. Yoga has helped me to ‘surf the wave of life’ with a smile – appreciating the deeper connection and beauty within ourselves, others and our world.”


Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite Asana posture?
Half Moon (Ardo Chandrasana). Why? I feel so expansive in all directions, then eventually I can come to this amazing strength and stillness in body and mind.

What is your favourite colour? 
Any shade of green inspired by my love of  gardening!!

What’s the best part of being in the P.L.A.Y. community?
If ever I have a few days away from the Studio –  I come back and I am so happy to be there and see everyone’s smiling friendly faces – it’s like my second home.