Alarice Van Den Berg Power Living Australia Yoga

Name: Alarice Van Den Berg
Role: Facilitator

Alarice has been practicing yoga since 2003, she holds a Post Graduate in Arts Administration, Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts, Samadhi Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certificate, Yoga Synergy Anatomy & Physiology, Yin Yoga intensive with Sarah Powers and has also spent 3 months practicing yoga in India.

Over the years Alarice has found that her practice has developed into a new way of living, a more holistic way of being. She approaches teaching through her wish to share her experiences and love for yoga with her students.

In her classes Alarice aims to share her experience and love of yoga incorporating her artistic background and passion for yoga. She teaches a creative, flowing and dynamic style of hatha yoga. Bringing together readings, music, and meditation, principles of alignment, pranayama (breathing techniques) and yogic philosophy to create a special and safe experience in every class.

Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite Asana posture? Why?
At the moment any Forearm balance and Scorpion because they show me what is possible.

Share a life turning point and the favourite lesson learnt?
A Vipassana meditation course a long long time ago, 10 days, a vow of silence, lots of time to notice the monkey mind, and space to hear the true voice within. Be true to your gut!!

What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?