Sophie Taylor
Sophie Taylor

Name: Sophie Taylor
Role: Facilitator


I came to yoga as a teenager and throughout my adult years began to cultivate a regular practice. Coming from a dance background, yoga asana felt really good in my body, but it wasn’t until I began to dive deeper and start the journey toward learning the traditional yogic wisdom that yoga has become for me a spiritual practice. Having practiced with Power Living since it’s arrival in Adelaide, I underwent my training in 2017, and have since completed trainings in yin, advanced vinyasa as well as 200hrs in traditional tantric hatha yoga.

My personal practice is heavily focused around subtle energetics, pranayama and meditation, so in my classes I invite students to consider how these traditions of practice might be incorporated to achieve a deeper energetic experience of body and mind.


Getting to know the crew:

What is my favourite asana?

My favourite pose is Warrior One. It can be calming, stabilising, centering, empowering, awakening. Depends on the day and what I need from it.

When you are not bending, sweating or stretching…

I live on an organic farm in the Adelaide hills. We grow cherries, vines, veggies and fruit, make wine and have some lovely animals. Learning about the land and it’s innate intelligence has been the most humbling and grounding experience of my life, with the practices of organic and spiritual farming a harmonious union with the practices of yogic living.