Claire Winther power living australia yoga adelaide
Claire Winther power living australia yoga adelaide

Name: Claire Winther
Role: Facilitator

Claire found yoga soon after having her first child about 9 years ago. Initially it was for regaining physical strength and yoga provided the space and time for herself that is quite uncommon in early parenthood.

Years later in 2016, she started daydreaming about becoming a teacher, inspired by the impact her practice was having on her and encouraged by her teachers.  She started practicing vinyasa and was transported to another realm by the pranayama and asana flow, all the while transforming her thinking through the philosophy.  With the support, love and faith of her beloved husband, she took the leap to become a teacher completing the 200hr certification with Power Living in 2016. She is currently on her pathway to 500hr certification.

From her classes you can expect her playful, enthusiastic and authentic self. She laughs at herself often, especially when she makes mistakes and is an open expression of a masterwork in progress! She also believes that you are accountable for your own energy and experience.

Getting to know the crew:

I am grateful for…

My best-ever husband and his nonstop support of my passion for yoga and our incredible sons.

Yoga has made me 

Realise that if you take care of yourself, you are better equipped to take care of others.  

My toughest learning experience 

Has been showing my vulnerable side. I don’t have it all worked out but am learning to fully own my quirks and exquisite imperfections.

When students walk out of my class 

I hope they feel buoyant and inspired to be the best versions of themselves.