caitlin turner power living australia yoga melbourne
caitlin turner power living australia yoga melbourne

Name: Caitlyn Taylor
Role: Facilitator

Driven from a young age by life’s big philosophical questions, an early interest in mindfulness, meditation and psychology led Caitlyn to yoga, giving her mind a place to rest. Having adventured around the world for many years, yoga served as her one constant, exploring varied styles of practice under a myriad of different teachers. Caitlyn eventually found herself back where her yoga journey began, completing her 200hr training with Power Living Australia. She has also undertaken additional training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, reflecting a passion for the inclusivity and power of yoga to heal.

Caitlyn’s classes connect the dots between mind and movement, threading them together to invite a grounded, creative expression of self, empowering you to arrive in your own present moment. Playfulness and self-inquiry are equally balanced, and each class reflects her truest belief: that life is intrinsically joyful.


Getting to know the crew:

When you are not extending, bending and sweating what do you like to do?

I love to be out in the bush. The hum of life vibrating in there instills in me a feeling of continuance, the reminder that the universe is vast, my place in it so small, and the magic of it all so damn infinite. I also love to read, words are my art, anything that makes the struggle feel recognised and the non-linear possible.

My most inspirational learning experience has been…

The death of my grandfather. Sitting by his side for his last week, with his mind long gone and no capacity to communicate in any way, there was this profound sense of love. My mind was clear, and I’ve never felt so present and connected. I realised just how much my yoga practice had influenced my life, to be able to fully be there in a time tinged with sadness and discomfort, without any external validation or reward but an experience of complete unconditional love. That is true peace, and it’s held within us all.

When students walk out of my class I hope they feel…

Acknowledged, understood, included, loved, exactly where they are meant to be, a vibrant part of an intricate web of life, spacious and soft. And at least 10% more alive than when they walked in.