Name: Bianca Kenvyn
Role: Facilitator


I found solace in my Yin practice as a student at Power Living Neutral Bay a few years ago now. There was something about the community there and the array of wonderful teachers that kept me coming back for more. My spirit felt like it could relax every time I stepped between those four walls! Since then I have worked as a studio educator for Neutral Bay and more recently joined the team as Assistant Studio Manager. In between my role as ASM I continue to teach to the most beautiful community and it continuously warms my heart doing so! My classes are strong, creative and flowing. You can expect to be challenged! Always curious and forever questioning the nature of our reality; I love to create a space where students get to deeply attune to the many layers of who we are and explore the inner pulse of sensation and vibration that can be experienced in the most powerful and most subtle of ways. I love to create a fun and dynamic class to spark inquiry into the self and use the physical postures as a gateway into experiencing the profound wisdom of the body and the complexity within the beauty of who we are!


What do you teach?

Yin, Vinyasa, Meditation


Which particular practices get you through hard times?

Vinyasa to maintain discipline and focus… Yin yoga for the deep dive into stillness and self (I have had many profound moments in both and I loveeee the compliment of the two)!


Who has impacted your life the most and what did they teach you?

My Mum… Her strength, compassion and determination are unmatched for me.


What are you most proud of in life?

Life itself- It’s a miracle and fascinates me more and more every day!


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