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adam rose power living australia yoga

Name: Adam Rose
Role: WA Operational Manager, Facilitator & Co-Owner

Adam spent much of his youth battling severe sporting injuries including operations to his ankles, knees and hip. Despite these setbacks, it was only when he dislocated both shoulders at the age of 24 that he decided enough was enough. Years of scar tissue had restricted his mobility and he found himself turning to Bikram Yoga for help. He felt the immediate benefits of the heat to his injury riddled body and for the first time in years he was pain free. It is because of these results that he now spends his days motivating and teaching students to overcome their own challenges in the yoga room. Adam’s classes are strongly rooted in physical awareness, as he believes we must heal the body first and then anything is possible!

Certified in the complimentary styles of Power Vinyasa, Bikram Yoga and Yin Yoga, Adam encourages everyone to practice according to how they’re body is feeling that day. He believes that when the body gets used to just moving in the same way over and over again it can become lazy. Sometimes we need to switch it up, too wake it up and that’s when it responds best!


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