Power Living Australia
Power Living Australia

Name: Vanessa Rodriguez
Role: Facilitator

Vanessa comes from a dynamic mix of yoga styles and has over the last fifteen years of teaching had the opportunity to train and study with most of today’s leaders.

A strong teacher with a strong voice, she is nurturing but not always easy. She challenges you to face yourself both on and off the Yoga.

She teaches Fertility, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga.

She comes with extensive bodywork training holding a Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies. She practices Craniosacral Therapy and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in Graduate School.

Vanessa leads International and Australia-wide Yoga Teacher Training, Workshops & Retreats.


Getting to know the crew:

In one word how would your best friend describe you?

My best friend would call me HILARIOUS.

What is your favorite word? 

My favorite word is PAPRIKA (just say it).

I’m grateful for…

I’m grateful for MY MOM, she is my first country.