Serena Miranda Studio
Serena Miranda Studio

Name: Serena Montuoro
Role: Facilitator


Practicing as a professional belly dancer since her early teens, Serena originally embraced yoga to complement her work by supporting the necessary fluidity and full of range movement of the muscles and joints. A lifelong love affair with philosophy and search for meaning, found her travelling the globe, delving into cultures and ideologies to help guide her quest of self actualization. After living with Buddhist monks, she found herself in India encountered with the holy Sadhus, which solidified her love and commitment to meditation and the yogic practice.

Deeply passionate about health and wellbeing, Serena embodies a holistic approach to facilitating students on an inward journey towards self–awareness. Her fascination with neuroplasticity alongside both her study of naturopathy and ancient yogic wisdom, weave into her empowering, meaningful classes that poetically support self-exploration of mind, body and spirit.

After fifteen years on the mat, Serena attributes her open heart and vibrant approach to life to a strongly rooted practice. She hopes to encourage an experience of stilling the mind, invigorating the body and keeping your heart wild, both on and off the mat.


Getting to know the crew: 

When you are not extending, bending and sweating what do you like to do?

I love painting, and studying human individuality through iridology and portrait photography.

What turns you on?


What sound do you love?

The Harp!