Mimi Uchiyama
Mimi Uchiyama

Name: Mimi Uchiyama
Role: Facilitator

Yoga has taken Mimi to so many places. She found her inner strength when she began yoga in 2012. No longer needing to hide from the crowd, yoga gave her the personal freedom to express herself on the mat. Her confidence grew.

Then she wanted to fly. This desire led her in 2013 to 200 hour teacher training with Power Living’s own Duncan Peak, followed in 2017 by 300 hour teacher training with Bryce Yoga. The asana practice of arm balances and inversions has captured her for years. She simply loves to be upside down.

The journey also matters to Mimi. Simon Park put fluidity in her flow, Jason Crandell sharpened her precision with alignment, and Will Lau gave her skilful hands to assist students. So many teachers have made yoga more beautiful for her.

To return home, she resides in her yin practice. Her first yin teacher was Jo McPhee, who showed her the magic of silence and focus on the present moment. This is her meditation. Then Sarah Powers taught her a whole new world of yin yoga.

Flow with Mimi to discover the places where yoga could take you. Be it alignment, fluidity, or introspection. Perhaps you can fly too.