Lindsay Funston
Lindsay Funston

Name: Lindsay Funston
Role: Educator


Yoga came to me in a very round about way. I have always been into fitness, but more to look a certain way than for any health benefits. I struggled with Major Depression & an Eating Disorder for most of my adolescent & adult life. I dabbled in yoga, but it wasn’t until I moved to Australia & joined Power Living that I allowed myself to fully explore the world of yoga. I had tried a few yoga studios before settling into Power Living. From the first day I set foot into the Bondi Junction studio I felt like I was home.

I did my yoga teacher training over a one month intensive course at Power Living. It was a life changing experience & something I am continually grateful to have been a part of.

I specialise in honest & open communication. I love to talk to people & to really listen to what they have to say.

You can expect to see a lot of smiles, laughter & chatting (constructively). I have been told I have a severe face & people associate me with being stuck-up or arrogant, but I am actually a big teddy bear, extremely humble & I love connecting with people.


Getting to know the crew: 

What is your favourite asana? Why?

My favourite Asana is Wild Thing. This pose is part side stretching, part back-bending & entirely heart-opening.

What do you love the sound of? 

I love the sound of both my dog’s paws clicking on the hard wood floor as they follow me around the house. It is the sound of comfort, companionship & unconditional love.

What has been your toughest learning experience? 

My toughest learning experience has been my attempts to navigate through this thing called life with depression. From school to work, from friendships to romantic relationships, there have been challenges & life lessons at every turn. Despite the difficulties, I would not change this part of my life even if I could, for it has directly shaped me into the person that I am today.