Kristian Crowe

Name: Kristian Crowe
Role: Facilitator


Kristian began practicing yoga in 2008 and was lucky enough to be introduced to the  practice through his family, his aunty being an established yoga teacher in Brisbane. The original intention was to use the forms of yoga to balance and complement his professional dance career, and like many before him Kristian fell in love with the depth of the practice. As a performer Kristian has always loved experimenting with the body and continues to explore many different modalities of movements. Although the foundations of his practice are firmly grounded in Ashtanga Vinyasa, he has always been curious and enjoys sharing a more creative expression of asana in his classes. Kristians style of teaching uses the process of self enquiry to illuminate and empower students to adopt a practice that is physically sound and that also works for them and their bodies. Although he understands that the practice is deeply contemplative and introspective, Kristian finds a light and playful nature crucial to maintaining a consistent and committed yoga practice. Yoga asks us to find presence, and nothing commands presence like a shared human experience rooted in joy! Long live yoga with heart and soul that allows us the freedom to laugh and live our best lives.



Getting to know the crew: 

Yoga has taught me…

to always be a student

What sounds do you love?

You know when you have been practicing a strong/sweaty class and you go to roll up to seated and you make those yoga fart sounds with your back and because of the sweat it sounds kind of wet… that sound

In one word how would your best friend describe you?