Kris Spence - Power Living Australia
Kris Spence - Power Living Australia
Kris Spence - Power Living Australia

Name: Kris Spence
Role: Facilitator

I found yoga first at the age of 15, dabbling in Kundalini. I remember very clearly how different my eyes looked and how grounded I felt. For the next 10 years, I didn’t even think about or practice yoga in any form.

It found me again after a good long stint of anxiety and depression in my mid 20’s and from that point I woke up. It didn’t heal me by any means, but I no longer identified with the mind. When I feel like I get lost in the mind stuff, I get on the mat and yoga always points me to my true north.

I love seeing my students step into their power, connect with their true selves and live from that space off the mat. I dive deep into traditional yoga philosophy and how we can apply it to our modern lives and live from peace, joy and love.

I have a duty to teach, to empower and to awaken and I believe that the universe put me here for just that!


Getting to know the crew:

Share with us a life turning point and the favourite lesson learnt? The day I quit my corporate job to teach yoga full time! I learnt that uncertainty doesn’t have to turn into fear and if I live from love and trust, I’m living from my true self.

When you are not extending, bending and sweating what do you like to do? Read, play music, surf and EAT!

Yoga has made me… AWAKE!