Elicia Hush
Elicia Hush

Name: Elicia Hush
Role: Educator

Elicia comes from a Corporate background, having spent the last 15+ years in Account Management with Global Organisations. Elicia has had a personal yoga practise for many years, initially being inspired by a number of 70’s yoga books left to her by her late Mother as a child.

I have a passion to make Yoga accessible to everyone, specialising in Vinyasa. My ethos is towards a modern yoga practice with traditional philosophy. I trained with Power Living Australia completing my 200hr certificate in late 2018, the first step in making my passion a reality.

You will see a grounded, openminded Yoga Teacher passionate about physical and mental wellbeing. Culture in any workplace or community is very important to me and therefore I choose to turn up each day with a glass half full mindset.


Getting to know the crew: 

What is your favourite asana? Why?

Chaturanga Dandasana. I love the way my body follows with the breath doing this pose, offering up something new each time.

What is your favourite color?

Black. There’s something about darkness and letting the light in that resonates with me. That’s why I’ve always loved sunrise.

What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? 

I would love to be able play an instrument or sing professionally. I played Cello as a child and always wish I’d continued…someday.