Abi Unwin-Smith
Abi Unwin-Smith

Name: Abi Unwin-Smith
Role: Facilitator


With a background in performing arts, Abi has always had a keen interest in the psychology behind movement and physical expression. In 2010, while touring with a theatre group in India she first discovered her passion for Yoga.

Since then, the practice of yoga has become a both an expression and souful journey for Abi. 4 years ago Abi fulfilled her ambition of becoming a certified 200hr Earth Yoga Teacher. Abi’s training specialised in traditional Hatha, giving her a strong and grounded teaching style. Abi explores freedom and creativity through asana and thrives on both practicing and sharing her love of yoga. Her energy is warm, friendly and effervescent and you can’t help but walk away from her classes deeply satisfied and joyful.

Abi’s hands on approach to teaching is enhanced by her skills as a masseuse….so expect some delicious assists in her classes!

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a nervous novice Abi’s classes offer you the chance to relish your practice and to honour your body and mind.


Getting to know the crew:

What is your favourite word?

Crepuscular no, Blimp no, Titular no, Muffin no, Pomegranate no, Lugubrious no, Husk no, Rubenesque no, Poppet no….Don’t make me choose!! I love them all!

What is your least favourite word?

Refer to question one.

Do you have a hidden talent you would like us to know about?

Well whether this counts as a talent or not is yet to be seen, but when I’m not trotting about in lycra,  can sometime be found performing my bawdy poetry at comedy events and bathroom mirrors. It is not for the faint hearted. In my younger days I also used to sing Opera until i was begged to stop.