16 Jan Seize the Moment

A new year really only means one more cycle of this planet around our sun. However, it’s also an opportunity for us to reflect on the 12 months gone by and to seize the moment, setting new intentions for the next 12 months that lay ahead.

Now good intention is one thing, but having the strength to do what we know is good is another. What we need is ‘positive addiction’, which is to create a habit that will enable you to develop greater willpower, determination, and courage! This will be different for each of you, but for example; a regular yoga and meditation practice, a daily surf, learning an instrument or a new language, or to do a regular selfless deed; all encourage ‘positive addiction’. Whatever it is let it be non-competitive and something that can be done daily for a minimum of 15 minutes!

Accepting ourselves as we are now is very important, however spiritual growth is still important in order to live our most happy and fulfilled life. Be optimistic that the year ahead will bring more peace, love and happiness and approach today like there is no tomorrow. Thanks to our efforts at making ourselves more peaceful, we can all do our bit to add peace to the world!

In the over 40 countries that I have now travelled, I’ve noted that there are beautiful peaceful loving people everywhere I go. Don’t just listen to the news and all its negativity. Rather, as Gandhi once said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Carpe Diem means seize the day but rather Carpe Punctum means seize the moment!

Let go of the past, look ahead, but live in this moment, not the moment that will come tomorrow!

Best wishes for the year ahead.

By Keenan Crisp

About Keenan Crisp

Keenan is Power Livings resident traditional Yogi who fuses an authentic understanding of Bhakti Yoga with the modern day flavour Power Living offers.

Keenan offers one of the most unique teaching styles within Power Living crew.  Keenan teaches from a depth of traditional experience that ensures every class is deeply connected, spiritually powerful and uniquely delivered with love and warmth for all. Keenan’s love for life and all beings in it, his sense of natural joy and appreciation of life creates a space that is fertile for growth.

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