25 Jul Swami Govindananda is Coming Back to Power Living

Swami Govindananda is coming back to Power Living!

If you missed Swami the last time he was at Power Living, here’s a sneak peak of his profound wisdom and what you can expect in his upcoming workshops. Swami speaks to the important principles of life and deeper aspects of our Selves with humor, deep knowledge and a blend of cultures all while explaining in an easy to understand, entertaining and enjoyable way. Not to be missed.

We chatted with Swami below to get some insights into how meditation can effect our lives, how to incorporate it into our busy lives and how Swami stays present in his daily life. 


Power Living: What does meditation mean for you?

Swami: Meditation for me is to focus on the pure spiritual nature of the atma, the soul, and its relationship with the Paramatma, the divine One. It is a timeless practice that goes right to the heart of yoga because it brings about union, or realisation of the divine self. It is a journey that countless yogis, saints and sages have taken and who have expressed its infinite value to all human beings. It is about love, joy and happiness without end.


Power Living: How can people who are new to meditation incorporate it into their daily busy lives?

Swami: There are many reasons to meditate and just as many ways. Before beginning any practice it is important to clearly understand what it is you wish to achieve from your meditation. When you have determined this, your next step is to find the correct method to help you obtain your goal. Wishful thinking will not be of any use if your method is wrong, and similarly, if your motive is incorrect but your method is right, still you will be unsuccessful. It is therefore essential to have a correct understanding of both motive and method. Once this is understood, if you put in the required effort, the desired results will eventuate.

For new people I advise they spend time with me to understand what it is exactly they wish to achieve. As this process unfolds, I show them simple forms of meditation to soften the heart and open the mind to higher learning and practice. These forms can be practiced at any time of the day whether they are at work, at home or in a park somewhere. All they need is a few of minutes to themselves in a quiet spot to put into practice what they have been taught and incrementally, they grow from there.


Power Living: What changes can people expect when they begin to find a deeper aspect of themselves through meditation?

Swami: This life of ours is very challenging. So many things demand our attention, the stress of which often leads to frustration, anxiety and anger, amongst many other conflicting emotions. It can all get too much. So the first change that occurs is to understand why you get like this and what to do about it when you do. The saying, “It’s not what happens to you that is important, it is how you react to these events that truly matters” has immense depth to it. The more you understand the deeper nature of yourself, the more empowered you become to not only cope with life’s events, but to benefit from them. Most importantly, a profound sense of purpose and blossoming joy becomes the bedrock of your life.


Power Living: How can we live in the moment more?

Swami: For many the mind is like a runaway train. In this context a Sage once expressed that thoughts can change from one to another faster than the speed of light. In the Gita, Arjun questions his Lord and Guru, “How can I control my mind? It is like the wind, vehemently powerful and goes where it wills.” My Guru, Shri Maharaj Ji, once said that the mind is like a monkey drunk on red wine and simultaneously stung in the tail by a scorpion. The answer given to Arjun was that mind can be controlled by reflecting again and again on the wisdom and meditative practice taught in the Gita. Eventually, through understanding, an individual can learn to live in the present moment. But the question is, if you could live in the moment, what would you choose to do with it? Hence, the need for genuine spiritual wisdom is paramount to guide you in understanding so that you do not waste the present moment.


Power Living: What does yoga mean to you? And how does yoga align with meditation values that you teach in your workshops?

Swami: The root-word of yoga in Sanskrit is yuj, which means to unite the jivatma (the individual soul) with its divine Self, the Paramatma. Yoga is an all-embracing science that teaches everyone regardless of culture, creed or background, the way of living life to its ultimate benefit. The meditation values that I teach are in full accordance with this. When it is understood and practiced, there is no need to teach honesty, integrity, gentility, healthy living, etc, because these begin to manifest in the individual automatically, naturally.


Power Living: As you travel a lot, how do you stay present and stress-free?

Swami: I meditate everyday, not only at set times, but as I go about my daily activities. I also review every day the philosophies of karma and bhakti yoga as taught by my Guru to keep them fresh and alive in my mind. It is becoming my habit, my nature, to implement this wisdom in all situations. It sustains me, keeps me in the present by reminding me when I go off-track (which is becoming easier to recognise since when I do, tension, frustration etc, flood the mind).


Power Living: What may be holding people back from living with their deeper selves?

Swami: The main thing is a lack of interest to want to understand their deeper selves. If you develop a strong interest to know what it is that makes you who you are, and you are sincere in this, then you will naturally attract a teacher of that calibre who can help you. If you succeed in this and a teacher answers your call, then it becomes important to put into practice what has been taught to you. Many are simply ‘waiting’ for something to happen, without putting in any effort themselves. It does not happen like this. Everything in this world requires effort, more so for your spiritual understanding and development.


Power Living: What do you hope attendees get out of your workshop ‘Three meditation practices to enhance your life experience’?

Swami: I will share three very powerful meditation practices. On the surface, they may or may not seem so, but they are, and countless great souls like the Paramahans’, the Yogis, Saints and Sages have given testimony to this. My hope is that attendees take the necessary time to understand this for themselves by practicing them diligently. If they do, then their appreciation of life will change dramatically. From there, a natural desire to go deeper in understanding and experience becomes stronger. When this occurs, I would be delighted to assist.

Here is where you can meet Swami:

Three Meditation Practices to enhance your life experience – Manly Beach, Saturday 29 June – Sign Up

Live a happier, more focused life through the power of Vedic wisdom! – Neutral Bay, Saturday 29 June – Sign Up

The Compelling Force of Karma – how it moves your life – Bondi Beach, Sunday 30 June – Sign Up