In recent years, the popularity of yoga and the numbers of yoga teachers graduating from 200hr courses has soared through the roof.


Watching the industry grow, I decided it was time for Power Living to offer some world class and practical 500hr Teacher Training, on home soil. As a result, I’ve worked really hard over the last years to establish a 500hr pathway for students who want to train with us and learn the Power Living methodologies. Our courses have graduated over 1,500 teachers to date. We have so many graduates in the yoga world teaching their hearts out and holding space for so many people to transform their lives.


It’s so important for teachers to stay inspired if they are going to inspire hundreds of others – or even just a few! With this in mind, our 500hr Teacher Trainings are not only informative – with real practical teaching skills that can be applied immediately after training – they are also super inspiring and stoke the internal fire we need to keep on purpose, transforming lives.


One of my favourite programs to deliver is the Advanced Vinyasa – Class Sequencing and Theming Skills 500hr Teacher Training. So, why is this my favourite? For me, this is the most practical program for a teacher wanting to gain skills that we can deliver. The 500hr Teacher Training program focuses on six styles of sequencing and three ways to theme classes. Each style has a purpose, an anatomical intelligence and also a poetic rhetoric throughout the class. It exemplifies how to inspire students to practice yoga both on and off their mat.


I’ve created the six styles of sequencing after teaching for over 15 years and running multiple studios and retreats all over the world. These are tried and tested methods that are the backbone of Power Living’s studio classes and that have inspired thousands of yogis. The theming components are also unique to our training and evolved through years of studying traditional yogic philosophies and contemporary personal development strategies. Combining these traditional and modern teachings allows the delivery of a powerful experience for both the student and the teacher. Our Advanced Vinyasa 500hr Teacher Training shows you how to put together a sequence and class theme in roughly 15 minutes, tools of when to deliver philosophies and how to sequence for effective and safe evolution in students bodies.


At the end of our 500hr Teacher Training program, participants walk away skilled in processes that allows them to create multiple ways of teaching – from focusing on a muscle group, a peak pose or the subtle body, the list goes on! Participants will be skilled in how to combine this sequencing with an intelligent rhetoric throughout classes that speaks to the hearts and minds of students. This program teaches you how to be powerful with what you say, not just repeat what every yoga teachers says in the classroom and also arms you with the skills to create fun, exciting, grounding and effective Vinyasa classes that both heal and empower students.


After the 500hr Teacher Training program, you won’t feel the urge to copy anymore but rather be ready for your own voice and authentic teacher to emerge. We will review anatomy and offer up skilling for anyone who is lacking in this area. You will be encouraged to take a big leap and not just know anatomy but to be able to apply this knowledge to your students’ bodies and understand how to correct and evolve their practices. This is the backbone of the course and most courses we offer.


Power Living offer the Advanced Class Sequencing and Theming Skills 500hr Teacher Training retreat on home soil and overseas on retreats. The beauty of doing this course on home soil is the 9-5pm-style training. This allows teachers who live in the proximity to undertake the course whilst still teaching some of their regular classes, lightening the financial strain of training.


I look forward to seeing you at one of our trainings some time. You don’t need much teaching experience but a little is very helpful. As a teacher, I’ll give you everything I’ve got and I will ask the same of you. One of my missions in life is to help the yoga community in Australia evolve with a standard and sincerity that is equal and often unmatched in the world.


Teacher, student – there is no difference and together we create the learning. I can’t wait to do this with you!


See you on the mat.




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