Power Living Australia Yoga – Aquabumps -Yoga for Surfers


From building strength and flexibility, to better breath control and presence in the water, roll out a mat and see what yoga can really bring to your surfing game.


Troy Abraham, Lead Facilitator at Power Living got into yoga because of surfing – maintenance, mobility and more waves soon followed! Read his 5 reasons you need yoga in your surfing blog here. Keen to give yoga a try? If you’re close to a studio, check out Power Living. If you prefer to stretch at home, then hit up YOGAHOLICS, our online yoga website.

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Power Living has studios across Australia – come and try us out with our Intro Pass – unlimited yoga for $49 for 30 days for newbies! Our beach-side studios in Bondi and Manly are a popular choice for local surfers – try two classes a week for a month and see what a difference it makes to your surf game when you’re out on the water. Find your local studio.


Can’t make it to the studio? Head up YOGAHOLICS.com.au and practice yoga in the comfort of your own home. We’ve got videos such as ‘Pre-Surf Stretch’ so you’re warm before you dive into the water. Or ‘Board Meeting’, a strengthening vinyasa flow focusing on the key muscle groups you use when out paddling. Go to YOGAHOLICS website.

“13 years ago, I wandered into a yoga class to get more flexible for surfing. After my first class, I left feeling high, and went from not being able to surf to landing frontside reverse airs. It was magic, everyone who surfs should do yoga…” Read Troy’s blog on 5 reasons you need yoga in your surfing.