Livestream Yoga For Teams

Supporting Employee Wellbeing.

Unlimited Livestream Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Encourage your employees to immerse themselves in daily yoga and some much-deserved “me-time.” Vinyasa classes are flowing, challenging classes where you'll be encouraged to find a balance between effort and ease.

Unlimited Livestream Yin Yoga Classes

Unlimited Yin Yoga Classes. Find peace and deep release in this slow, easeful and restorative practice.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Dive into yoga and tap into the ancient philosophies that are still relevant today. Get ready to take yourselves to a new level of consciousness.

Livestream Package Pricing


Livestream package prices vary based on the number of employees that want to take part, please get in touch with us to discuss the best level of investment in your team’s wellbeing.

Corporate Pricing

The Yoga For Teams Package Includes

Unlimited access to live, online yoga classes 7 days a week

Classes all day that start at 6:15am and finish at 8:30pm (class roster does vary seasonally and is always available to check and book in on the Power Living Livestream Yoga Timetable Unique classes every day

Live Teachers – Many of Australia’s most highly regarded yoga teachers, including Troy Abraham and Gina Brescianini (Previously with the Australian Ballet). Our teachers have decades of experience and can interact with students on the livestream platform to offer modifications and alternatives to more challenging poses.

Livestream Class Types

Vinyasa Yoga flowing sequences: challenge, connection, and rest (our most popular classes)

Yin Yoga: deep release

Pilates: pump and mobilise

Meditation: find stillness

About Power Living Yoga

Pioneers of Modern Yoga In Australia – Power Living was started in 2004 by Founder, Master Facilitator and CEO Duncan Peak. We offer a modern-day physical and philosophical practice that focuses on developing a person’s spiritual wellbeing as much as their physical and mental health. We embrace all traditions and teachings with respect. There’s nothing mystical, unattainable or complex. Our aim is to provide a simple yet holistic practice that creates a greater connection to everyday life. Studios across Australia: we are known for our yoga studios and yoga teacher training courses in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Our website

Benefits Of Yoga

Improve Physical Wellbeing – World-class yoga teachers bring vinyasa and yin yoga to build strength, mobility, self-esteem and energy.

Support Mental Health – Meditation and breathwork to help calm the nervous system. Meditation experts take you through techniques of calming the mind, finding rhythm in the breath, becoming more present.

Restore Social Connection – Live-stream classes together with your peers and wider community.

Practice LIVE in good company with time to chat after via the online chatroom.

Corporate Package Tiers

Up to 200 employees – $1499 per month for unlimited livestream yoga Up to 500 employees – $2499 per month for unlimited livestream yoga Over 500 employees – Please contact me to create a custom package TERMS 3 month minimum term 1 month notice period thereafter

Show Them You Care

“From one business leader to another, it’s important we support our people while in isolation.

We at Power Living Yoga want to offer you a special Corporate deal to help you achieve that. Show your employees how much you care about their wellbeing, always invest in your people.”

– Duncan Peak Founder, C.E.O. and Master Facilitator Power Living Yoga

Improve Physical Wellbeing

Powerful yoga practice within your own comfort and capability. World-class yoga teachers will lead you through vinyasa and yin yoga practices to physically challenge the body, helping you decompress and feel invigorated.

Support Mental Health

Meditation and breathwork to help calm the nervous system. Meditation experts will take you through a journey of calming the mind and finding rhythm in the breath.

Restore Social Connection

Livestream classes together with your peers. Practice LIVE with your community. This is a livestream class and after each session, there is time to chat with the teacher and with your peers via the online chatroom.

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