Join Power Living Master Facilitator Duncan Peak and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Truth Robinson on this next-level week of yin yoga training. This retreat will be a beautiful blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and Indian philosophies that will directly impact your personal practice and the lives of the students you teach.


Join Duncan Peak (Founder of Power Living and Pioneer of Modern Yoga in Australia) and Truth Robinson (Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbalist) on Power Living’s advanced yin yoga training. Yin Level 2 is the next step for those who’ve completed Yin Level 1 with Power Living or 25 hours of yin of study with an approved provider.

This retreat is a beautiful blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory and Indian philosophies that will directly impact your personal practice and the lives of the students you teach. Open to teachers on their 500hr pathway as well as dedicated students with a sincere interest in yin yoga, this week is all about slowing down, escaping your normal routine and creating space within. Duncan and Truth teach to the heart and mind to effect change throughout the world. This is a truly unique course.

Level 2 is an in-depth study of Chakras and TCM. Take a deeper look at the 12 myofascial meridian lines and Body Reading. Learn to understand the Ayurvedic Doshas and TCM constitutions (mind-body types). Learn to create multiple sequences following myofascial meridians that transform bodies and lifelong injuries creating supple, rejuvenated tissue. Be miles ahead of other teachers through an intelligent approach to Yin Yoga as a complete system, not just a balance for Vinyasa Yoga.



  • Take a deep look at the 12 myofascial meridian lines and body reading as taught by Thomas Myers. Learn progressive sequencing (specific for each meridian line) using this philosophy and understand how to create epic classes/practices.
  • Learn to diagnose different Doshas (mind-body types) and how to create effective sequences for individuals and groups.
  • Explore Hatha Yoga Chakra theory and advanced meditationtheories that you can take into your classrooms to teach, or apply to your home meditation practice.
  • Learn about the intricate meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how this web is woven through the myofascial system of the body.
  • There will be daily meditation, kriya, pranayama, a little vinyasa and long, juicy yin practices using fascial lines, chi balls and creative sequencing to expand and balance energy in the body.
  • Review the fundamentals of Yin Level 1 training including anatomy and physiology, posture review and basic TCM theory.
  • Tallow retreat centre is a serene venue right on the beach. You’ll listen to the ocean in savasana, enjoy heart-opening Kirtan, take sunset walks on the beach and experience nourishing clean-eating. All in the magical surrounds of Byron Bay! Accommodation and all meals provided.



  • An appetite for self-discovery and the desire to evolve! There will be daily meditation, kriya, pranayama, a little vinyasa and long, juicy yin practices using fascial lines, chi balls and creative sequencing to expand and balance energy in the body.
  • 200hr trained teachers will gain 70 hours towards their 350-500hr advanced certification as this forms part of the Power Living 500hr pathway.
  • Not just for 200hr grads but for dedicated students looking to deepen their understanding of the Yin practice and train with Duncan and Truth.
  • To attend Level 2, students must have completed Yin Level 1 training with Power Living or 25hrs of yin study with another approved provider.



  • Modern Yoga by Duncan Peak
  • Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers (newest edition)
  • Yin Yoga by Paul Grilley



Tallow Beach Houses, Byron Bay



Sunday 25 February – Saturday 3 March 2018



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Duncan Peak

Duncan is the original pioneer of contemporary yoga in Australia and the Founder, Master Facilitator and CEO of Power Living. The teacher of teachers, Duncan is committed to raising the bar on the level of yoga facilitation across the country. He’s a passionate yogi, soul surfer and spiritual warrior.

With 14+ years of teaching experience behind him, Dunx continues to share his modern-day yoga philosophy with the community. He has an anatomy background in NeuroSpinology, has completed extensive traditional yoga studies with Georg Feuerstein and practiced Raja Yoga for nearly 20 years. Smashing the traditional yoga stereotypes, it’s Duncan’s creative vision and courageous spirit that has shaped what Power Living is today: one of Australia’s largest and most successful yoga communities.

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Truth Robinson

Having grown up with a father who is a keen buddhist meditator he was inspired in 2001 to undertake his first of many 10 day silent mediation retreats. The stillness he discovered created a conscious shift in all aspects of his life which brought him to yoga a few months later. 

His Yoga journey began with Ashtanga Yoga (Patabhi Joi, India) in Brighton & Edinburgh, UK. Then over the next several years spent significant time studying Agama Tantric Yoga (Thailand), Sivananda Yoga (India), Iyengar Yoga (India) until finally settling in Satyananda Yoga of the Bihar School of Yoga, the world’s first Yoga University based in Munger, India, started by Sw. Satyananda a foremost disciple of Sw. Sivananda.

Truth formally completed a 2 year and 1,500+ hour Diploma of Satyananda Yoga Teaching, which delved deeply into pranayama, chanting, bhandas, meditation and philosophy.

A few years into teaching inspired a shift to the healing arts and he completed a degree to become a Doctor of  Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2014. Since graduating he has become a registered and practicing Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist.

His culmination of educations has brought him to become passionate about teaching Yin Yoga. Completing a teacher training with Jo Phee, a foremost student of Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers. 

Through his extensive Chinese medicine training Truth has developed a unique style of Yin Yoga theory based on the Huang Di Nei JIng (Yellow Emperors Classic) and his study with Dr. Wang (China) and Dr. Robertson (USA). Truths classes leave you feeling energised and inspired to make significant changes mentally and physically in your life. 

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