ADELAIDE | 15-17 JUNE 2018


The Power Living 500hr teacher training pathway is dedicated to elevating yoga teaching standards around the globe and advancing education. Our Advanced Assisting program is one module of this pathway and a world-class training opportunity to learn from the best in the business. Adam Whiting is a 500hr registered yoga teacher who has trained thousands of yogis in the art of hands-on assisting.


* Study the intricacies of physical anatomy and the many variations of the body in order to provide energetic assists that will safely and effectively enhance a physical practice.

* Gain a new set of tools to deepen the awareness in students’ bodies to cultivate strength and safety to build longevity in the practice

* Assisting in class is a teaching art form. Learn the power of presence, personal awareness and understand the practitioner’s body.


* 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certificate with Power Living or an approved Teacher Training School.This must have included a minimum of 10 hours of hands-on assisting training.

* Assisted five live yoga classes, signed off by the teacher (five non-contact hours)

* Review David Keil’s ‘Hands On Adjustments’. Cost to download $25 (five non-contact hours)

CERTIFICATION: The training forms part of the 500hr teacher training pathway. 200hr RYT will be eligible to receive 30hrs towards their RYT 500hr Certification with Yoga Alliance and 30hrs towards their 350hr Certificate with Yoga Australia.

informationLOCATION: Power Living Adelaide
DATES: Friday 15 June (4:30-8:30pm) + Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 June (7:30am-5:30pm)

COST: $499
(10% member discount)



This training dives into the anatomical structure of various asanas to truly understand how we can use touch to positively effect the pose. The foundation, rotational energy, skeletal limitations and tissue mobility plus range will inform us to the most powerful and appropriate adjustment. This module gives you the skills to quickly and accurately read the body and become fluent in the art of assisting. 


Physical touch in yoga provides not only the potential for a mechanical adjustment in the asana, but also a potentially profound energetic conversation. In the Advanced Assisting Module, we will discuss the potential energetic impact of adjusting, when is touch appropriate, when might it be best not to use touch, and how to ensure that the energetic dialogue is not susceptible to misinterpretation. 


As with the practice of asana, learning to become fluent in the language of assisting means that you need to have a solid foundation. This module will provide you with the tools to quickly and accurately assess a body in any pose and determine the best course of action to use your words, energy and touch to deepen your student’s experience of the asana and the practice of yoga.


Adam Whiting

For Adam, advancing the art of yoga teaching is all about sharpening the skills of communication on every dimension. We must be conscious and deliberate about the words we use, how we use our voice, the music we choose to play or not to play, how we move around the room, and how we physically touch our students. 

Adam, a 500 Hour E-RYT,  has worked with senior teachers from several lineages on physically adjusting in yoga, including Hatha, Ashtanga, Anusara, Jivamukti and Vinyasa. This training, combined with a foundation of solid Anatomy and Physiology knowledge has culminated in an Advanced Assisting training that delves into not only the technical aspects of safely assisting, but also the energetic and emotional risks and benefits of physical touch.

Adam’s passion and dedication to the practice of yoga is obvious in his teaching and in the energy that he brings to every class, training and retreat.

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