Power Living’s Teacher Training is education with a difference – elevating and accelerating students to teach with authenticity, courage and passion. It goes beyond the basics, offering the highest standard of education in yoga asana, philosophy, anatomy and personal development.

Our Teacher Training isn’t just for aspiring teachers, but for anyone who wants to deepen their personal practice and gain a better understanding of yoga philosophy and its origins. If you are looking to teach, our mission is to create powerful teachers who transform lives in and out of the classroom. The program is known for graduating facilitators that are ready to teach with quality and excellence, from the day they complete the course.


When: Thursday 12 – Sunday 15 October AND Thursday 26 – Sunday 29 October
Times: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Location: Power Living Wellington Studio, New Zealand

When: Sunday 5 – Saturday 11 November
Times: Sunday 4pm (check in from 2pm) – Saturday 10am
Location: Bali Immersion Retreat

When: Friday 24 – Sunday 26 November
Times: Friday 4:30pm-8:30pm, Sat & Sunday 7:30am-4:30pm
Location: Power Living Wellington Studio, New Zealand

REVIEW & FINAL EXAM DAY – Core Program Completion
When: Saturday 9 – Sunday 10 December
Times: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Location: Power Living Wellington Studio, New Zealand

tt-dollarCOST: $4,899 AUD – 10% MEMBER DISCOUNT
Full tuition cost, includes Power Living manual, plus accommodation and meals at the Retreat Immersion in Bali. Payment plan available upon request.

informationPLEASE NOTE:
All course modules must be completed within the same studio program. Any alternate plans will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


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Taking place over an intensive three-month study period, you’ll be part of a community of fellow students undergoing this journey of radical transformation. The nature of the program will demand your full commitment in and out of the classroom but rest assured, the intensity will be matched by experiences of joy, connection and lasting friendships as you discover your most powerful Self. Get ready to have the time of your life!

If this sounds like you, read on for more detail on what each module of the program entails.

Module 1 – Laying the foundations

Core Program: 130hrs (100 contact hours)

This intensive training program introduces you to the foundations of the Power Living philosophy and methodology. Consisting of 100hrs intensive training with highly qualified Power Living teachers as well as external experts in anatomy, physiology, traditional yoga and philosophy.


In addition, you will be required to complete essays on specified course content, a practical assignment reviewing alternate yoga styles, and a final practical and written examination.


Course components:

  • Anatomy & physiology of Hatha yoga
  • Seven traits of a Power Living teacher
  • Exploring the qualities of a Power Living teacher
  • Pranayama (breathing)
  • Foundations and history of Raja yoga
  • Four paths of yoga
  • Bhagavad Gita study
  • Sanskrit
  • Yoga physiology
  • Daily practice and lifestyle tips
  • Personal feedback
  • Demonstration to beginners
  • Class planning and sequencing
  • Counselling skills
  • Be heard: conscious communication
  • Methods of inspiration: teaching techniques
Module 2 – Retreat Immersion

One-week off-site retreat: 50hrs (all contact hours)

A fundamental part of the 200hr teacher training course, this is a week that will challenge your mind, body and spirit and facilitate the awakening required to become a truly powerful teacher.

Your daily schedule includes meditation, yoga practices including Vinyasa and Yin, and group sessions to uncover core limiting beliefs and experience inspiring community activities.

In addition, you will complete specific teacher training sessions. These will focus on awakening the teacher within through an understanding of how to teach asana, meditation, and knowledge of yoga philosophy. You’ll also undergo a gentle cleanse with amazing vegetarian food that can be combined to suit all body types.


Our promise is you’ll leave the week feeling strong, inspired and with a renewed passion for life.

Module 3 – Assisting Program

20hrs (20 contact hours)

Power Living’s Assisting Program is a world-class training opportunity to learn from the best in the business. This program was the first of its kind in Australasia.


The aim of the course is to teach:

  • Safe, effective assisting and adjusting techniques
  • Different types of assists
  • Safe alignment, joint movements and muscles engaged in postures
  • How to support and enhance the practice experience for the student

You will:

  • Enhance your teaching in the classroom and working one on one with students
  • Gain confidence as an assistant teacher
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your personal yoga practice
  • Have opportunities to join the Power Living team in the studio

The course is designed to teach assistants how to help increase a student’s awareness of their alignment and body, through touch, presence and direction. At Power Living, we are committed to teaching a dynamic practice with safe postures: our assisting techniques support this, rather than seeking to bring students into the ‘perfect’ pose or contortionism.

Module Three – Assisting Program fosters a karmic yoga atmosphere in studio and on retreats, where assistants act in service to the students to help enhance their practice. The assistant plays a unique role during a yoga class as their hands and energy serve as bridges between the teacher’s words and the student’s own physical experience.


Note: If you completed the Power Living teacher training course before 2009, another teacher training course, or are interested in refreshing and enhancing your assisting skills, you may apply to participate in this program alone. No previous experience is required to participate in the Power Living Assisting Program. If you are not enrolled in a current Power Living 200hr teacher training program, the cost for Module Three – Assisting Program is $399.


Upon successful completion of the full course, you will receive a 200hr accreditation from Yoga Alliance (USA). This will allow you to apply to be a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Yoga Alliance (USA) and obtain Provisional Membership with the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia (YTAA). Following registration with either body you will be able to obtain insurance covering you for yoga teaching. YTAA then requires you complete an extra 150 hours training with a certified training course within three years to obtain full membership with them. This extra 150 hours training can also be completed with Power Living.

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Duncan Peak

Duncan is the original pioneer of contemporary yoga in Australia and the Founder, Master Facilitator and CEO of Power Living. The teacher of teachers, Duncan is committed to raising the bar on the level of yoga facilitation across the country. He’s a passionate yogi, soul surfer and spiritual warrior.

With 14+ years of teaching experience behind him, Dunx continues to share his modern-day yoga philosophy with the community. He has an anatomy background in NeuroSpinology, has completed extensive traditional yoga studies with Georg Feuerstein and practiced Raja Yoga for nearly 20 years. Smashing the traditional yoga stereotypes, it’s Duncan’s creative vision and courageous spirit that has shaped what Power Living is today: one of Australia’s largest and most successful yoga communities.

duncan peak teacher training power living australia yoga

Jason Te Patu

Jason Te Patu is Power Living’s Kiwi Warrior. Coming to yoga from an injury whilst dancing in South Africa, yoga has led to a huge shift in Jase’s life. Having practiced asana and meditation for over 14 years, Jase has trained with a range of the world’s greatest teachers. From Les Levanthal to Kathryn Budig, Ana Forrest to Eion Finn, Mark Breadner, Tiffany Cruickshank and Bikram Chodry, it was Power Living Teacher Training that transformed Jase’s whole yoga journey.

Jase is a qualified Group Fitness, Dance and Performance teacher, has choreographed for Les Mills International and performed internationally in shows like the Lion King. Jase is co-owner of Power Living New Zealand and facilitates retreats and 200hr Teacher Training. He has presented at Wanderlust Festivals and teaches strong and inspiring classes at our Wellington Studio.

jase te patu power living australia yoga new zealand wellington

Justine Hamill

An ex-fitness instructor and web designer with training in Gestalt Therapy, Justine found yoga in her 20’s and then rediscovered the practice during her first pregnancy. Having practiced styles from gentle hatha to powerful vinyasa, Justine found that the physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga nurtured her through pregnancy and motherhood. It was also this practice that inspired Justine to take the leap into teacher training.

Over the past 6 years, Justine has completed 200hr and 500hr level Teacher Training with Power Living. She has studied with Tiffany Cruickshank in Byron Bay, Advanced Assisting with Troy Abraham and in 2016 will complete Off The Mat Into The World leadership training with Sean Corne in Atlanta, Georgia. Justine co-facilitates Power Living retreats and 200hr Teacher Training and is the Studio Co- Owner & Programs Manager for the New Zealand region.

justine hamill power living australia yoga new zealand wellington

Lizzie Dixon

Lizzie’s passion for yoga was born after she attended her first class at a local council gym. She was in search of relief from chronic physical pain, suffering from past grief manifesting in her physical body. She knew from that first class she had made her first step to healing.

It was the physical aspect of the powerful Asana practise that first inspired Lizzie and got her out of immediate physical pain, but it wasn’t long before a sense of connection came from the traditional teachings.

Lizzie is a spiritual person with a deep love for living your Dharma and being your best self. Her personal journey has given her a desire to help connect people with the somatic ways our physical beings talk to us. Lizzie believes in the power of the mind, the power of quietening the mind and a holistic attitude to the body and mind to truly heal. Expect to explore your boundaries in Lizzie’s classes, in a fun and dynamic way.

Lizzie Dixon Power Living Australia Yoga

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